Introduction to Life at Hillcrest

In an ideal world, when we are unable to look after ourselves, we would prefer to be cared for at home by our own family but this is not always practical or possible.

The best nursing homes try to replicate this feeling of belonging by creating a ‘home from home’, an environment where one can feel treated like a family member and made to feel cared for, valued and respected.

At Hillcrest Nursing Home we strive to achieve that objective using our wonderful facilities and friendly and professional staff.  Combined with the open, yet secure, nature of our home we think we are ideally placed to meet the individual needs of every resident.

Words and pictures can give an idea of what we offer but the best way to experience the unique ‘feel’ of Hillcrest Nursing Home is to physically come and visit us.  You can arrange such a visit by clicking on the ‘Get in Touch’ link at the top of this page or clicking here.



"I highly recommend this nursing HOME because of the outstanding day to day support from the care staff and the great leadership from Anne Gallagher who is caring and attentive to all her resident’s individual needs. My mum says, “it’s the next best place to home”

Joan McGrath