This charter sets out resident’s rights whilst living with us.

Each resident has the right

  • To be given knowledge about Hillcrest Nursing Home prior to admission including details of the terms and conditions of admission
  • To be given access to all our services and resources according to their needs
  • To be given the opportunity to participate in the development of a personal care plan and to review this on a regular basis.

Each resident will be

  • Treated with dignity
  • Protected from harm and exploitation
  • Treated according to status regardless of disability or infirmity, free from discrimination
  • Free to consent to or refuse a service, subject to any implications of refusing them
  • Free to choose their own medical and dental practitioners
  • Free to comment upon, complain about or give thanks for the quality of care received
  • Free to contact the Registration Authority in any event or regarding an unresolved complaint.

All residents can be assured that

  • Any medical treatment offered will be on the instruction of a medical practitioner
  • Any information given or received will be both relevant and accurate treated confidentially and kept securely
  • Any information obtained will be done so fairly and carefully, held only for relevant purposes and neither used nor disclosed to third parties without consent.