Medical and Pharmaceutical

Generally, and with our encouragement, residents retain the services of their own general practitioner when they move into Hillcrest.  Where this is not possible or practical, there are several GP practices in Letterkenny with whom to register.

We order repeat prescriptions each month from residents’ GP and the medication is collected on their behalf from the pharmacy.

Hairdressing, Laundry and Therapies

There is a hairdressing salon in the nursing home and our hairdresser visits once a week.  Alternatively, residents may choose to have their hairdressing needs attended to in the comfort of their rooms.

There is a complimentary in-house laundry facility where residents can have their clothes laundered.

At Hillcrest, we engage the services of a Chiropodist and Physiotherapist as residents require them.  We also offer a range of complimentary well-being therapies such as Sonas, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy and Hydrotherapy and all our therapists are professionally trained and supervised.